The CIRCUIT banner

The CIRCUIT is an interplanetary, intergalactic, and interdimensional fighting championship series. For eons, the CIRCUIT has brought the wildest live-action spectacle to audiences all across the multiverse and given prospective fighters the chance at eternal glory and universal fame.

Matches are fought between two or three teams of fighters. Each team's goal is to win the match and progress to the next stage of the tournament, but the fighters must also win the favor of the crowd.

Fighters that can win matches and draw a crowd while they do it are selected to travel along to the next destination – the rest are left behind. Entering the ring promises great reward, but also great risk.

The stakes are high in THE CIRCUIT and the action is even higher. Assemble your team and see if they have what it takes!

Game stats

Players 2-3
Play time 30-45 minutes
  • 18"x18" game board
  • 52-card combat decks (1 per player)
  • Fighters (4 per player)
    • Stat card
    • Figure
    • Finishing Move token
    • Other tokens as necessary for special abilities
  • Hype trackers (1 per player)
  • Damage tokens
  • Stun tokens

The CIRCUIT is currently in development. Check out the most recent version of the rules here!